Young Girl Found Dead in Snowbanks After Train Crash

Our Chicago law firm empathizes with families who have lost loved ones in tragedies and accidents. It is especially unfortunate when families must grieve for the loss of a life that was cut all too short and not allowed to reach its full potential into adulthood. Our attorneys firmly believe in holding those who negligently caused injuries and death to young people accountable under the law for their wrongdoing.

Such an unfortunate accident recently occurred in the Chicagoland area. According to ABC 7, a seven-year-old girl and her father died after the vehicle in which she was riding was hit by a Metra train. Authorities located the young girl’s body in a nearby snowbank hours later. A Lake County medical examiner determined that the father and daughter both died from crash related injuries and that the father had a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. According to people who saw the crash, the girl’s father drove through the crossing gates.

Our lawyers were sad to read about this crash because it was most likely preventable. Had the father not chosen to operate his vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, both of these individuals could still be alive. Unfortunately, alcohol has been a factor not only in this crash but in thousands of other car accidents in Illinois, which could have been prevented. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, in 2012, nationally 10,322 people were killed due to drunk driving, and 345,000 were injured. When calculating these statistics, that means that every 51 minutes, someone is killed in a drunk driving accident, on average.

Our lawyers have seen the devastating effects of intoxicated driving and take a strong stance against driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. For over 20 years we have advocated for victims and families who have been affected, injured, or killed due to someone else’s negligence and poor decisions. With this broad range of experience in not only handling motor vehicle accident lawsuits, but in many areas of the law, we have helped many victims successfully obtain fair and just verdicts and settlements to compensate them for their losses, suffering, injuries, and financial hardship. We hope to once against stress to our readers that runk driving is inexcusable under the law and puts others at an unnecessary risk for injury or death. But for driving under the influence, the 10,322 lost lives from 2012 could very well still be alive and with their families today. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a car accident in which another driver was so reckless and negligent to drive under the influence, you may have a legal cause of action. Call our firm today for a free consultation, and we can help you determine whether a lawsuit is right for you to hold that wrongdoer accountable.

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