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Woman Sues Chicago Hospital Following Surgical Error

As we know from hearing reports of preventable medical mistakes, medical malpractice is unfortunately all too common in our clinics, hospitals and doctors’ offices. It is a serious and important legal issue because patients put their trust in healthcare providers and leave themselves vulnerable to these medical experts so that they can get the care and assistance they need to continue living a healthy life. However, where healthcare providers act negligently or fail to act where necessary and cause injury or death to a patient, they have breached their legal duty as a healthcare provider to keep a patient safe and not be the source of harm. When this occurs, a patient or family member can file a medical malpractice lawsuit.

According to an article by the Cook County Record, one woman is suing a Chicago hospital after a surgeon severed her laryngeal nerves during thyroid surgery. Last month, she filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital claiming medical negligence and seeks damages over the jurisdictional limit.

Jurisdictional limits on damages that can be awarded in a lawsuit may be a new concept to some of our readers. Cook County has a limit of $100,000 but still hears cases in excess, according to the Cook County Clerk. However, according to the Illinois Hospital Association, the state of Illinois has no cap on medical malpractice cases after a landmark case from 2010, Lebron v. Gottlieb Memorial Hospital. Prior to this case, the state of Illinois placed a cap on damages of $500,000 for physicians and $1 million for hospitals. However, as a result of this case, medical malpractice case are no longer subject to recovery limitations.

A statistic from the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association tells us that medical malpractice is actually one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Medical errors kill approximately 98,000 people ever year, resulting in a cost of $29 billion.

This is why our medical malpractice attorneys are passionate about defending the rights of injured plaintiffs and their families. By advocating for the injured and obtaining fair and just verdicts and compensation, our attorneys not only help the injured and sick obtain justice but set a legal example to prevent future medical errors from causing injury and death to others. If you or someone you love has suffered from the medical negligence of a healthcare provider, you may be able to hold them liable through a medical malpractice lawsuit. Call our firm today, and one of our attorneys would be happy to discuss your potential case with you in a free consultation.

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