Winter Weather Melt and Fog Lead to Crashes on I-57

Some say that the Chicagoland area looked like a scene from a scary movie. After the “warm” temperatures (relatively speaking, since we were finally above freezing) and rain throughout the day melted a good portion of the residual snow, streets became backed up with water in some areas, and potholes were also exposed on many major streets. After the rain and warmth of the day, and as it neared rush hour, an eerie thick and smoky fog began to set throughout the area, limiting visibility. Not only was this weather strange to observe, but its effects posed many dangers to Chicago drivers, especially as many did not take the extra caution needed in such peculiar weather to avoid motor vehicle accidents.

Unfortunately, poor conditions and thick fog led to two multi-vehicle crashes along I-57, according to report by CBS Chicago. In total, seven semi-trucks, and twelve passenger vehicles were involved in the crashes. One semi ignited in flames, but thankfully no hazardous materials were present. Several cars were also trapped underneath semi-trucks. As a result of the crash, ten individuals had to be sent to hospitals for personal injuries. The Illinois state police are blaming the fog as the major cause of the crashes.

Our attorneys urge drivers to always use caution when driving, but especially so during such unpredictable weather. Where there is low visibility, avoid driving if you can, or try to wait until conditions clear. If you must drive, use extra caution and focus to have complete awareness of your surroundings. When operating your car or truck in foggy conditions, always be sure to use your vehicle’ fog lights to minimize glare and use the right side of the road as your visual guide. Where conditions are wet and slippery and visibility has been decreased, be sure to increase your following distance so that you can allow yourself more time to react if needed.

We also wish to remind motorists driving in ALL types of conditions that they have a legal duty to use caution every time they get behind the wheel to prevent themselves and others from suffering personal injuries. When behind the wheel of a vehicle, the driver should not only worry about their own safety, but legally must not be the source and cause of danger to others as well. If a driver’s negligence is the cause of an accident (such as through speeding, following too closely, or being distracted), that driver can be held liable in court for the victims’ personal injuries, suffering, and financial losses.

Our lawyers are here to help injured Illinois car accident victims. We represent victims who have suffered serious personal injuries or who have lost a family members in car crashes involving drunk drivers, distracted drivers, hit-and-run accidents, rollover accidents, and multi-vehicle crashes. If you have been injured in a car crash and believe it was due to another driver’s negligence, you may have a legal claim. However, be sure not to hesitate in filing a lawsuit, because Illinois has a time limitation on personal injury cases in the Statute of Limitations. You can call our firm for a free consultation, and we would be happy to discuss your case with you and may be able to help you obtain justice and compensation for your injuries and hardship.

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