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West Side Chicago Fire Kills Infant

The Chicago Tribune is reporting this morning on a tragic Chicago house fire on the West Side of the city. The accident occurred on the 800 block of North Laramie Avenue in the Austin neighborhood. Fire officials were called to the area in the middle of the night, around 2 a.m.

Once inside officials discovered a 2-month old child on a smoldering full size bed-she was pronounced dead at the scene. The house fire appeared to have started on that very bed, though authorities are yet unsure of its specific cause. The first was limited to the single room in this home, but it did spread to one neighboring house. It took firefighters about 15 minutes to put it out completely. The child was the only casualty of the blaze. However, in total there appear to be 13 people affected by the blaze.

Emergency crews located only a single fire alarm in the home which did not have working batteries at the time of the incident.

A Chicago fire accidents is some of the most frightening events to learn about, because their potential for destruction is significant. It is always more distressing when those in charge of operating the homes fail to ensure that there are working fire alarms in place. Our Illinois personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti know the damage these incidents have well. A few years ago we represented two families who lost a combined six children in an apartment fire that struck in Rogers Park. Several other children were also injured in the event.

The companies responsible for managing the unit did not have proper working smoke detectors in the unit at the time of the accident. The fire began when a burning candle ignited. The family had been using candles for months at night because it could not afford to pay for electricity.

Our Chicago wrongful death lawyers helped the families in that tragedy recover a $6 million settlement for the victims. In addition, the incident has spurred efforts with the City of Chicago to make well-being checks on residents facing electrical shut-offs in order to help avoid similar tragedies.

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