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U.S. issues product recall for another 170,000 baby cribs

According to a recent Chicago Breaking News Center article, federal regulators at the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have issued a product recall for another 170,000 cribs. The cribs were recalled for being a potentially deadly hazard to children. This crib recall is the latest in a string of several dangerous cribs recalled from the market. The recalled cribs, Sorelle and Golden Baby cribs, have sides that drop down to allow easier access to the babies in the cribs. However, the danger is that the drop-side hardware can disengage, which allows the side to separate from the tracks. This can be deadly and at the very last very dangerous for children because babies can slip into that gap and suffocate, strangle, or fall out of the crib.

The cribs have been sold at children’s product stores nationwide for the past 10 years for between $300 and $600. The distributing company received reports of 104 incidents where either the drop-side or crib slates became unattached, creating a dangerous gap. Six children received personal injuries of cuts or bruises; another five fell, but luckily received no injuries. No children were reportedly killed by this dangerous crib, but babies have died in cribs made by other manufacturers after the drop-sides separated.

The Chicago personal injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti encourage our readers to consult this recalled crib list of photos and model numbers to see whether any of the dangerous cribs are in their houses. Please make sure that your cribs are safe!

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