United States continues to drop in world life expectancy ratings

The United States has been ranked 42nd in life expectancy in the world. There are many different theories regarding why the US continues to slip in the rankings. First, other countries are improving health care, nutrition and lifestyle. In addition, 45 million Americans are without health insurance while most Europeans countries and others have universal health care. The US also has one of the highest percentages of obese people in the world. The infant mortality rate in the US is also not ranked near the top. Some experts claim that improved access to health care could help increase life expectancy. There should also be focus on ways to reduce tobacco use and cholesterol, control blood pressure and blood sugar and reduce Americans’ susceptibility to cancer, heart disease and lung disease. Andorra, Japan, Macau, San Marino and Singapore have the highest life expectancies. Western European countries, Australia, Sweden and Canada also have high life expectancies.

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