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Two People Seriously Injured in Fire

Chicago suburban Wheeling firefighters found two seriously injured people lying in the grass outside their burning building when they responded to an apartment fire early in the morning. The first responders quickly tended to a man with second- and third-degree burns covering half of his body. They also found a woman who was severely bleeding after she leapt through a first-floor window to escape the fire. Both were taken to the hospital with personal injuries and the man is currently in the burn unit. The fire started in the first-floor unit and then spread into the upstairs apartment through the front balcony. The buildings roof caved in and both units were left charred and gutted. Residents said that it took about one hour to put out the fire and there is at least $500,000 worth of damages. The building is also uninhabitable because gas and utilities needed to be turned of. Although a fire alarm was in the building, there were no sprinklers. Although the cause of the fire is still under investigation, it appears to be accidental. At this time, no personal injury lawsuits have been filed. To read the full story, click here.