Train Collision Results in Toxic Spill and Mass Evacuation

Trains are a popular mode of transportation throughout the country, both locally and across states. Frequently, commuters and travelers use trains such as the CTA el, the Metra, and the Amtrak. However, it is not just people who rely on trains to get to their destinations, but companies use trains, like freight trains, to transport goods for their businesses. These long distance trains often carry cargo across over long distances across state lines. Due to its central location and being home to a number of large corporations, Illinois is a national hub for commercial train transportation. As a result, we frequently read about train accidents that occur and the devastation these incidents can bring to individuals and communities.

Because these trains are large vehicles with many cars that carry a large amount of people and/or a great deal of cargo at one time, when trains get in an accident, the collisions can be extremely serious. This was the case as reported by WREG News Channel 3. Two people were injured and two were killed when two trains collided head on near Highway67 in Arkansas. In addition to the human lives lost, families were evacuated from their homes nearby the accident due to toxic chemicals being spilled from one train. Currently the National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the collision, but authorities currently have no idea how two trains could have collided head on.

As we mentioned above, trains do not only transport people to their destinations, but they also carry a variety of cargo for nationwide businesses. This cargo could be anything from products, machinery, or coal and other fuels. According to the same article, these freight trains were carrying toxic chemicals. Upon collision, the chemicals spilled posing danger to the surrounding community and environment. As a result, dozens of families had to immediately flee their homes. It is not known yet what toxic chemicals the trains were carryings, but some evacuees described the area as containing a very strong smell. Many stayed in local makeshift shelters until the area was deemed safe again.

Our lawyers understand that passengers of the railroad and those in the communities near railroads trust that train operators will competently perform their duties in the safest manner possible. It is also right to trust that trains have been inspected and are operational and in proper working order. However, train accidents do happen, often in the form of derailments, more so than collisions with other trains. Often these accidents can be due to the negligence of the train operators or the train company. In these instances, victims who have suffered injuries from the accident can hold those negligent liable through a lawsuit.

Our attorneys are experienced all types of accident lawsuits, including those involving train transportation. If you have been injured in a train accident or lost a loved one as a result of negligence, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries and suffering. Call us today for a free consultation, and we would be happy to discuss your legal options with you.

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