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Toys “R” Us Held Liable After Faulty Product Kills Young Mother

Our Illinois personal injury attorneys were content to hear that justice had been served in a case where a 29 year-old mother was killed by a Toys “R” Us product. When companies put products on the market, they are responsible for their merchandise, and its safety; when injuries are caused by defects in the companies’ products, any business that manufactured or distributed the product to the public can be held liable for the damages incurred. Often these accidents can be devastating to families, such as was the case in this particular incident.

A jury recently awarded $20.6 million in damages to a man whose wife died from injuries caused by a flaw in the design of a swimming pool slide from Toys “R” Us. In July of 2006, the woman went down the inflatable slide into the pool where her husband and baby daughter were swimming. According to the Boston Globe, as she neared the bottom of the slide it “bottomed out,” which caused her head to hit the pool deck as she entered the water.

As a result of the slide’s failure, the mother suffered neck fractures that left her quadriplegic, and ultimately she had to be taken off life support because of the seriousness of her injuries. The jury awarded both compensatory damages and punitive damages to the family, following the hearing in court.

Briefly, compensatory damages are intended to reimburse a family for things such as time lost with their loved one, the loss of companionship and love from their family member, and the amount of projected wages that the deceased individual would have contributed to the family’s future income. 
Punitive damages, on the other hand, are monetary verdicts awarded to injured parties that serve to send a message to a company that their behavior is unacceptable. They act as a discouragement to the defendant and others similarly situated, and – in the best case scenario – stop others from engaging in the same negligent acts or omissions.

As per the report by the Boston Globe, the faulty Toyquest Banzai slide was imported from China and did not comply with federal standards regulating swimming pool slides. In this case, the punitive damages would serve to show Toys “R” Us that they cannot sell defective products, nor put products on the market that are not properly tested to comply with safety standards.

Our Chicago personal injury attorneys understand how devastating injuries from Illinois products liability cases can be. They have the understanding and diligence required to succeed, and even won a $3 million settlement against a car manufacturer that improperly designed the fuel delivery system of a vehicle, resulting in a fuel-fed fire after a head-on collision, which killed the occupants of the vehicle.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of a flawed or faulty product, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Please contact an attorney immediately to be apprised of your rights under the law.