Tips for Lawyers: Mistakes that Personal Injury Attorneys Make

Number one, personal injury attorneys do not inform clients about their cases. They are inaccessible and fail to return phone calls. It is also a mistake if lawyers neglect to authorize staff members to provide information to clients regarding their cases.

The second most common mistake is when lawyers simply include personal injury as a part of a general practice, when they should concentrate on just personal injury. This can cause the neglect of personal injury cases. Frequent emergencies arise in general practice making it difficult for attorneys to consistently invest the time necessary in personal injury cases.

The third biggest mistake is when lawyers do not plan for the worst. Some lawyers are overly confident that they will be able to settle cases rather than having to try them, and neglect to prepare throughout their cases things that are necessary if injury case is tried in front of a jury.

The fourth largest mistake that lawyers make is failing to investigate and obtain records of prior injuries and/or medical treatment. The records are an important factor in determining if there could be a claim for a new injury or the aggravation of a preexisting condition.

The fifth mistake is failure to provide clients with realistic information about the value of their claims. This could cause disappointment when clients receive their awards.

The sixth common mistake made in personal injury cases is when attorneys fail to start them immediately. This could lead to an attorney neglecting to fully investigate a case just before trial, which is a terrible mistake

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