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The Dangers of Playgrounds

October is a very beautiful time of the year. The weather is cooling and the leaves are changing color. With this, an increasing number of children are spending time outdoors. A large number of these children love to play on outdoor playgrounds. Though playgrounds provide fun and excitement for children, playgrounds can be dangerous and can pose the risk of injury to your child.

If your child sustains injury while playing on a playground, and if certain circumstances exist, your child may be entitled to compensation. If an accident results in your child’s death, you, as the child’s parent, may be entitled to compensation. First, however, it is important that you hire an attorney for your case. Having an attorney by your side will help ensure that your case is timely filed and will boost your chances at receiving adequate compensation.

The National Program for Playground Safety

The National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) conducted a thorough eight-year study on playgrounds for children. This study’s findings were alarming. Basically, the NPPS found that, during this eight-year window, 851 preschool and elementary kids underwent emergency room care, and 40 children died, from injuries caused by playground equipment. Regarding these 40 deaths, the average age of the children was six years old. 27 of these 40 deaths resulted from the child being hung by pieces of the playground. Seven of the 40 deaths resulted from head or neck injuries.

The NPPS’s study further found that 51 percent of all playground injuries occurred on public playgrounds. 19 percent of all playground injuries occurred at the injured child’s home. Most injuries, 23 percent, occurred while the child was climbing on the playground. 22 percent of playground injuries involved the swings. 17 percent of the injuries involve the slides while nine percent of the injuries involved overhead ladders.     

There are several types of common playground injuries. A whopping 67 percent of all playground injuries result from falls or defective equipment. Eight percent result from hazards surrounding the playground equipment, but not related to it. Seven percent result from collisions with other kids or equipment. Seven percent result from entrapments.

As for the injuries sustained from playground injuries, bone fractures are the most common form of injury resulting 36 percent of the time. Contusions/abrasions result 20 percent of the time. Lacerations result 17 percent of the time. Strains and sprains result 12 percent of the time. Internal organs are injured five percent of the time. Concussions result two percent of the time.

Negligence and the Related Laws

Please note that if your child is injured on a playground, your child may be entitled to compensation. First, however, you must be able to show that the playground’s builder/installer was at least negligent in causing your child’s injury. For instance, maybe the installation was not done properly or maybe the playground equipment was unreasonably dangerous posing risk of injury to children. Having an attorney on your side will help you establish the elements of negligence and will help ensure that you case is timely filed pursuant to Illinois’ statute of limitations rules.

Hire an Attorney for your Case

Again, if your child was injured on a playground, it is imperative that you hire an experienced personal injury attorney. The personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti have the skill and experience needed to aggressively represent you. Call us today at (312) 332-2872 or toll free (877) 374-1417 to schedule a FREE consultation.


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