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Thanksgiving Weekend Travel Delays Likely Due to Weather Across Country

Severe weather expected throughout the country may lead to serious delays over the holiday weekend, and may also lead to dangerous road conditions. In Chicago, there has only been a light dusting of snow so far, and although there is not a great deal of snow expected in the Chicagoland area over the holiday, travelers may still encounter great delays due to heavy traffic in possibly poor road conditions and delays due to airport backups.

If you are planning on driving from Chicago or into Chicago for the holiday, please remember that even a small amount of snow can leave the roads slick and dangerous to drive on. A thin coating of ice can lead to skids and loss of control of a car, which can result in a car accident. Please be extra cautious and aware when driving in even what may seem like mild weather conditions. The recent storms, which most recently were affecting the West, have already been responsible for eleven fatal traffic accidents. Road conditions in the west have been terrible, with sleet, snow and freezing rain adding to the driving danger. According to ABC Local Chicago, it is estimated that ninety percent of holiday travelers this holiday weekend will be driving to their destination, meaning the roads are likely going to be very crowded.

If you are planning on flying out of or into Chicago, make sure to keep a close watch on your flight status. Even if the Chicago airports are not experiencing any weather delays or other types of delays that are based in Chicago, flights coming from other cities may be seriously delayed, causing a domino effect of flight delays. Some cities that have been experiencing severe weather, have already cancelled numerous flights. If a large commuter or “hub” city cancels a bunch of flights that will likely affect travelers all over the country who were scheduled to be on a later leg of those cancelled flights. The number of people who are traveling by air this year is the highest number since 2007, with the two busiest travel days of the years expected to fall over the Thanksgiving holiday this year.

Please make sure to be extra careful and safe when traveling this year and also to account for delays and plan accordingly. Our office wants to see everyone arriving safely at their destination this year, and hopes to see the number of traffic accidents over this holiday season go down.

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