Teenager Killed as a Result of Hospital Mistakes

The family of a young teenage boy who was tragically killed earlier this summer by multiple mistakes made by hospital staff, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the hospital employees, citing that their actions were both reckless and negligent. The young boy was in the hospital because he had just been involved in a skateboard accident and was taken in for treatment for those personal injuries. The parents of the young boy state that he was alert and talking to them while waiting in the emergency room of the initial hospital that he was taken to following the accident.

The hospital staff at the initial hospital decided that the young boy should be transferred to another hospital for further treatment. However, on the way to the second hospital, a breathing tube was inserted into the boy’s throat but because the boy was not properly sedated he woke up and pulled the tube out of this throat. The ambulance staff then attempted to reinsert the breathing tube but reinserted the tube in the wrong place in the young boy’s throat. The staff did not realize the tube was in the incorrect position and sedated the young boy, leading him to be without oxygen for the rest of the ride, approximately 35 more minutes.

According to WITN, given the amount of time the young boy was without any oxygen, he had no brain activity when he arrived at the second hospital and was taken off life support not long after arrival. The wrongful death lawsuit filed by the young boy’s family claims that the employees at the first hospital were grossly negligent and that the staff acted with reckless disregard for their son’s life.

While no one intended for this tragedy to happen, hospital staff have a certain duty and a standard of care that they must maintain for their patients, since a mistake of any kind or any negligence on the hospital staff’s part can result in a patient’s death or cause their injury to be worse than what they came in with. The people that made these terrible mistakes should be held accountable for their actions. While no amount of money can make up for the family’s terrible loss, they deserve some type of financial compensation for their loss.

Our attorneys have helped numerous families hold negligent and reckless persons liable for actions that resulted in the death of a loved one. If something like this has happened to someone in your family, please contact our office today to discuss what options may be available.

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