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Taser injury lawsuits against police officers allowed to proceed

Recent reports have indicated that Tasers have resulted in personal injuries and even wrongful death. Now, two Taser personal injury lawsuits against police officers have been allowed to proceed, including one in the Midwest. One legal case against the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office that has been brought by the family of a 20 year-old Frederick man who died after being Tasered in 2007 has been allowed to proceed as a result of a federal appeals court ruling last week. The personal injury victim died in November 2007 after being Tasered two times by an officer as the victim was trying to break up a fight. This federal ruling comes two weeks after a 3-judge panel for the 4th Circuit heard arguments in the case from the wrongful death attorneys representing the victim’s family. The family is seeking $145 million in damages due to the victim’s wrongful death.

Additionally, a federal appeals court on Wednesday ruled that the parents of a 29 year-old man who passed away after being Tasered by police in 2006 can proceed with their wrongful death lawsuit against the officers, the village, and the town. The wrongful death victim died in July 2006 after police officers fired a Taser at him repeatedly when he was trespassing at a home under construction. The young man suffered from mental illness, was known to the police officers, and had been reported missing. These recent court decisions demonstrate how future Taser injury lawsuits will proceed.

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