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Supervisor’s Indifference At Heart of Woodstock Nursing Home Deaths

Blog readers are appraised of our Chicago personal injury lawyers representation of the family of Virginia Cole. Ms. Cole was an Illinois nursing home resident who died after her supposed caregiver purposefully gave her a lethal overdose of drugs. The murder was one of several similar deaths at the Woodstock Residence in 2006. The nurse administering the overdose has been dubbed the “Angel of Death.” Both she and her complicit supervisor have been criminally charged for their conduct.

Our nursing home firm is advocating for Ms. Cole’s family in the civil matter connected to her death. For the past two week the criminal trial has been underway. Chicago Breaking News has been one of many newspapers following the developments of the case. They reported earlier this week on testimony at the nursing home trial. The information that has already been brought to light makes clear that the murders could have been stopped if the supervisors at the facility had acted as any reasonable manager would. Instead, the supervising nurse at Woodstock was made aware of the problem and chose to look the other way-allowing more of the residents in her charge to be killed.

For example, one nurse testified this week and explained that her supervisor was “cavalier” and “unconcerned” about the suspicions resident deaths. This was true even after it became clear that the death was caused by an employee tampering with resident drugs. The same former employee testified that she walked into Ms. Cole’s room immediately after she passed away and saw that her morphine seemed much too low. There was also a second suspicious vial of drugs near Ms. Cole’s bed. After reporting this to her supervisor nothing was done.

Ms. Cole died unexpectedly from complications that experts admit are frequently associated with drug overdoses. Those complications include confusion, hypothermia, and bradycardia. The very day before her death, her family had reported that Ms. Cole was visiting with fellow residents happily showing off her new hair style.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti will continue to advocate on behalf of the rights of nursing home victims like Virginia Cole. Ms. Cole and her family placed their trust in the Woodstock Residence, and that trust was violated egregiously. This case makes clear that Illinois nursing home abuse is usually allowed to fester because of poor oversight by those responsible with leading the facility. Nursing homes providing the best care have supervisors who uphold standards of care and who prioritize resident quality of life. If you know of residents who have suffered because of this poor care, be sure to get in touch with an Illinois nursing home lawyer.

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