Suburban Train Accident Takes the Life of Two Vehicle Occupants

We have all, for the most part, been there before. We have all been in a rush to get somewhere important. We have all been running late before. We have all been in that situation where you are trying to travel somewhere as quickly as you can, and every obstacle seems to be thrown your way. However, while inconveniences and running late are a huge annoyance and can greatly damper plans, in perspective, they are never worth risking your life for.

Far too often, people are reckless in common traffic situations due to being behind in time or being impatient. Too often though, the actions people take in order to save time and beat the clock put them in “life or death” situations. It is important people realize that a few saved minutes or being exactly on time is not worth the same value as being alive.

It is also far too often that people do not appreciate the risk of the situation or the recklessness of their actions. People too often feel invincible or that the scary stories they hear in the news are not likely to happen to them. The truth of the matter is though, that negligent and reckless driving, especially around large vehicles like semis, buses, and trains, puts a driver and passengers in serious danger.

According to a recent article by CBS, a southwest suburban train accident caused the death of two vehicle occupants. Four others were injured.

The accident occurred in the city of Hometown when a Metra train hit a vehicle. The car was traveling westbound on 87th street when it stopped on the tracks at Pulaski as the gate went down behind it. The car’s wheels then began to spin and it couldn’t get off the tracks. The train hit the car, which sent the vehicle into an electrical box.

When there is a combination of inclement weather with negligent driving, the situation becomes much more dangerous. While we should always exercise the utmost caution around train tracks, it is imperative to be especially careful when driving around tracks in winter weather. Snowy and icy roads can cause someone to lose control of their vehicle much more easily than in mild conditions. It is never a safe route of action to try to beat an oncoming train and speed across the tracks. When bad weather is present, this amplifies the danger of the situation.

Remember, when lights are flashing at a crossing, this means a train is present at that instant, and you should never try to cross the tracks before the gate lowers. Our attorneys care about the safety of drivers and passengers and wish to stress to our readers that a train cannot make an emergency stop. By the time a train sees a vehicle in trouble, it is almost always too late. Based upon how fast trains travel, they cannot stop in time to prevent an accident. That is why all drivers and pedestrians must obey train crossing signals, stop when lights are flashing and gates are down, and obey the rules in place meant to keep everyone safe from harm.

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