Studies show FDA-approved microchip implants caused tumors in animals

In the mid-1990s, numerous studies showed that microchips, currently being implanted in humans, caused malignant tumors in lab rats and mice. Doctors can scan the chips to gain immediate access to patients’ medical histories. The FDA approved the microchip and maintains that it was never presented with the veterinary studies. When brought to the attention of America’s leading cancer specialists, they showed alarm and many stated that they would not allow a loved one to receive a chip implant. 2000 of the chips have been implanted in humans worldwide. Studies performed in varying states and countries, including France and Germany, have returned similar results, calling them surprising or alarming. Most specialists say that while adverse reactions in animals may certainly not have a connection with human reactions, more studies are needed and the findings of past studies should be disclosed to patients considering the chip implant. This practice is currently not implemented. The FDA and manufacturer stand beside the decision to okay the chip and maintain its current usage. Because the implants are relatively new, no claims of product liability have been made.

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