Students Injured in Monmouth School Bus Accident

Our attorneys consistently stress that when getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, drivers need to not only worry about themselves, but also accept a legal responsibility to keep others safe on the road by not being negligent drivers. It is the legal duty of drivers to not be the cause of preventable motor vehicle accidents, which cause personal injuries to others. Where a driver knowingly creates a danger and the possibility for an accident (such as through excessive speeding, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, or texting and driving), and a crash does result, that driver can be held liable in court for negligence.

Negligent drivers need to consider that their carelessness or reckless driving not only puts themselves at risk of injury but places many other drivers and passengers on the road and danger too. Such negligence can often impact large groups of people when collisions occur with modes of public transportation or in multi-vehicle crashes. Sometimes, these drivers do not think about the extent of the danger that their carelessness could create. A driver needs to only lose focus momentarily to cause injuries or death for others.

This is especially true when driver negligence causes accidents with larger vehicles, such as buses, posing danger to many more people. According to reports by KWQC, students were injured in a collision between a car and their school bus near Monmouth, Illinois. The Warren County crash occurred as students were on their way to school for the day on U.S. 67. According to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, a car that was headed north lost control on the snowy road and crossed the line into the path of the school bus. The car then slid off of the road, injuring the driver and passenger. After the accident, several students had to be treated for back and neck pains, and one was sent home from school after a persistent headache. The driver of the car was cited for failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident.

By highlighting examples like this, our attorneys hope to emphasize the importance of safe driving and avoiding excessive speed, especially during winter weather. As seasoned Illinois drivers know far too well, winter weather causes roads to become icy and snowy, making them more slippery and hazardous. Drivers need to take extra caution when roads are in these conditions, because coming to a stop will require extra distance and time. Driving at excessive speeds in the snow not only puts the occupants of the vehicle in danger, but like in this case, could impact a large group of minors and create a bus accident. Thousands of Illinois citizens rely on buses for transportation every day, and these people trust that others will abide by their legal duty to prevent accidents on the road. Our firm handles bus accident lawsuits for passengers who have been injured due to negligence of bus drivers or other motorists. If you or a member of your family has been injured in a bus accident, we would be happy to assist you in a free consultation. Contact our firm today, and we may be able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

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