St. Patty’s Day Safety Reminder: More Accidents Occur Around Holidays

While our readers know our lawyers are always reading up on current news involving motor vehicle accidents in the Chicagoland area and all through Illinois, what you may not know is that there are actually yearly trends with motor vehicle accidents. Have you ever realized that there are higher numbers of accidents on certain days in the year? If so, you were correct to think so, and the Illinois Department of Transportation has actually gathered data to show these trends. With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, we hope that these statistics with serve as a reminder and a warning to our readers that if you choose to partake in St. Patty’s celebrations, it is important to have a transportation plan in place so that you, your friends and loved ones can remain safe. We urge you to designate a driver, make overnight plans, or plan on catching a cab or public transportation instead of getting behind the wheel after drinking.

According to a report by the Illinois Department of Transportation, accidents increase during holidays. The state analyzed data from 2011 for the holidays of Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. They allotted Thanksgiving 4.25 days and the other holidays 3.25 days. During the Memorial Day holiday, there were 713 people injured, and 13 killed during the 2011 holiday. During the Fourth of July, 875 people were injured and 13 killed. Then, during Labor Day, 709 were injured and 9 killed. During the Thanksgiving holiday, 8 people were killed and 839 injured. Then, during Christmas, 502 were injured and 13 killed. Finally, during New Year’s, 502 were injured and 9 killed. Bear in mind that all of these numbers represent injuries and fatalities for Illinois only.

Furthermore, with holidays and celebrations, often come parties and cocktails among friends and families. Unfortunately though, many people choose to be reckless and get behind the wheel after consuming alcohol instead of making the easy and responsible choice of staying overnight or designating a sober driver. Due to these drivers’ poor choices, many of the holiday deaths and injuries occur as a result of alcohol-related crashes. For instance, during Memorial Day, 50% of fatal crashes were alcohol related. During the Fourth of July, 66.7% of fatal crashes were alcohol related. Then, during Labor Day, 33.3% of fatal crashes were alcohol related. During the Thanksgiving holiday, 57.1% of fatal crashes were alcohol related, and during Christmas 33.3% were alcohol related. Lastly, during New Year’s 50% of fatal crashes were related to alcohol.

In observing these trends, it is evident that poor choices caused deaths. Had people not driven while under the influence of alcohol, during most of the holidays, over 50% of the crashes would not have occurred and lives could have been saved. Deaths and injuries caused by alcohol-related crashes are always preventable because no one should drive after consuming alcohol. By choosing to abandon a legal duty to not be a cause of injury or death to others on the road, drunk drivers have recklessly caused others’ lives to be cut short in preventable accidents.

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