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Smoker awarded $300 million in personal injury lawsuit

The attorneys at Levin & Perconti recently read about a jury award in Lawyers & in a landmark personal injury lawsuit. Last week, a jury awarded a woman $300 million in a tobacco lawsuit. This is the largest single award to an individual who has filed a lawsuit against a tobacco company. It is expected to be appealed by the defendant Philip Morris.

The personal injury plaintiff was twenty years old when she started smoking and did not quit until she was 45 years old. Almost twenty years later, the plaintiff now suffers from emphysema and needs a lung transplant. The plaintiff hopes to receive the award after any possible appeal so that she can afford the lung transplant.

Along similar lines, Levin & Perconti recently blogged about a different jury award in a tobacco liability lawsuit. In that case, a jury had awarded $13.8 million to a smoker’s daughter. Part of the award consisted of punitive damages. The lawsuit had been filed against Philip Morris on the grounds of fraud and product liability.

If you or a loved one smokes and are considering quitting, there is help available in Illinois. The Illinois Department of Health and the American Lung Association of Illinois have joined forces and have hosted an Illinois Tobacco Quitline since 2001. You can call 1-866-QUIT-YES or visit There is no cost for the counseling services and a full-time Spanish speaking interpreter is available. Additionally, the Quitline has the capability to speak to clients in more than 150 languages during an interpretation service.

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