Several Illinois children injured after slide tips

Our Chicago injury lawyers read about several Illinois children who were transported to area hospitals after sustaining personal injuries when an inflatable slide tipped over on a junior elementary school playground. Fortunately, none of the fifth-graders’ personal injuries were life-threatening. However, the school reported that one child sustained a head injury in the playground accident when their head hit the asphalt. That same child reported dizziness. Some students also had bloody lips. The students were on an inflatable slide that appeared to tip over, causing the children to fall onto the asphalt. The slide was roughly fifteen feet high and there were fifty students outside at the time.

While many head injuries are harmless, they have to be taken very seriously because of risk of brain injury. Often times, parents wonder if their child needs medical attention after a head injury. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that parents contact their child’s healthcare provider for advance for anything more than a light bump on the head. Additionally, children with the following symptoms should be evaluated by a healthcare provider: recurrent vomiting, seizures, loss of consciousness, headaches, behavioral changes, clumsiness, confusion, dizziness that does not resolve, or if the child fell from a height greater than five feet. These symptoms may indicate head injury complication.

The injured students were taken to Chicago area hospitals, including Loyola and MacNeal. Several of the students were put on stretchers and put in prosthetic collars before they were placed in ambulances. The slide had been rented for an end of the year field day at the school. School officials responded that the cause of the tip over is certainly going to be investigated. Staff was supervising the students at the time of the slide tip over. The incident caused quite a commotion on a usually quiet block. Each personal injury lawyer at our firm hopes that this incident will raise awareness surrounding the dangers that exist on the playground.

Read more about the fifth graders’ accident and injuries at Chicago Tribune.

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