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Settlement Reached after Toddler is Killed By Infection Contracted from Sanitary Wipes

Though specific details regarding the monetary award reached in the settlement have been kept confidential, our Chicago personal injury lawyers were pleased to read that a negligent corporation has been held responsible for their role in the death of a toddler who died from a rare bacterial infection he contracted from the product.

According to a recent report by MSNBC, the parents of a two year-old boy brought a law suit against H&P and the Triad Group after the company issued a massive recall of medical prep wipes potentially contaminated with a rare bacterium, Bacillus cereus. After using the wipes on their toddler, the child contracted the disease, which ultimately lead to his death.

Bacillus cereus is a type of bacteria typically responsible for causing foodborne illnesses. Symptoms of Bacillus cereus include severe nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea, which, in turn may lead to potentially fatal dehydration. Although these types of illnesses occur when food is improperly cooked, an investigation conducted by MSNBC reported that federal Food and Drug Administration officials had detected problems with sterilization and contamination on paper products, yet had taken no action to stop them.

When consumers buy products off the shelves of retail stores, those customers have the right to expect that the product will be free from hazardous defects. Special [Illinois personal injury laws] are in place to protect consumers from these dangerous products, and to help customers recover after they have been injured.

An important concept in Illinois personal injury law is the idea that companies are responsible for ensuring the safety of products that they put on the market. Corporations are expected to test their merchandise to ensure that the products conform to applicable safety regulations, and when dangerous or defective products are disseminated to the public, the companies may be held legally responsible for injuries that arise from the use of those hazardous products.

We are particularly proud of the changes that our Chicago personal injury lawyers’ efforts have brought in the area of products liability cases. In many instances, our attorneys have not only recovered substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients, but also helped to ensure that defective products were removed from the market and prevented from causing any further pain, suffering, and damage to consumers.

Similarly, in this case, the child’s mother said that her was to ensure the company didn’t continue to distribute tainted wipes and to pressure the government for better oversight, reported MSNBC.

Although this is the first lawsuit to reach an outcome in the cases against H&P and Triad, at least ten other lawsuits are pending across the country, alleging that the infected wipes have caused serious infections or deaths.

Illinois products liability lawsuits serve to ensure that defective products arre removed from the market and prevented from causing any further pain, suffering, and damage to consumers. If you or a loved one have had an incident with a product that caused an injury, or if you are the survivor of someone who may have died from the use or exposure to a dangerous or defective product, contact an attorney to better understand your rights under the law.