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Second Recall of Dangerous, Defective Toothbrushes – This Time for a New Flaw

Brushing one’s teeth shouldn’t cause this much trouble.

Earlier this year our Chicago personal injury attorneys expressed concern over a recall of electric Spinbrush toothbrushes after they caused consumers to have chipped or broken teeth, cuts to the mouth and gums, injuries to the face and eyes, and choking hazards, as a result of pieces breaking off. Now, that same product is subject to yet another FDA recall, this time as a result of the fact that the brushes’ charging base may overheat, causing melting and sparking, possibly causing fire, shock, or burns.

According to a recent report by the Wall Street Journal, the manufacturing corporation has received reports of this particular malfunction both from the United States and Canada. Church & Dwight, the maker of this toothbrush and a major U.S. manufacturer of household products such as Trojan condoms and Arm & Hammer laundry detergent, is reportedly cooperating with the FDA’s recall of the toothbrushes.

Just as in the previous recall, the toothbrush in question, the Spinbrush, comes in both children’s and adult models; according to the FDA, all available models have the potential to harm consumers. The consumer-products maker said that the toothbrushes were distributed between February 2010 and October 2011 across the U.S., including to consumers in Illinois. The recall is limited to lots that range from DD9310 to 9365 and DD0002 to 0122, but customers had – and have – the right to expect that all products will be free from hazardous defects when they buy goods off the shelves of retail stores.

Special Illinois personal injury laws are in place to protect consumers from these dangerous products, and to help customers recover after they have been injured: an important concept in Illinois personal injury law is the idea that companies are responsible for ensuring the safety of products that they put on the market. Corporations are expected to test their merchandise to ensure that the products conform to applicable safety regulations, and when dangerous or defective products are disseminated to the public, the companies may be held legally responsible for injuries that arise from the use of those hazardous products. In this case, when customers are harmed by the brushes’ defective, overheated parts, the manufacturer may be made to pay for hospital and medical bills incurred, as well as any other types of damages that arise from using the product.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers want people to be especially cautious. If you have one of these types of toothbrushes, inspect it immediately before using it or, better yet, replace it with a less-dangerous type or brand of brush. If the toothbrush appears to be damaged in any way, do not use it at all. Further, the FDA advises consumers to return the brush to a local retail store for a full refund, and to follow all instructions and recommended replacement guidelines for the product.

We are particularly proud of the changes that our Chicago personal injury lawyers’ efforts have brought in the area of products liability cases. In many instances, our attorneys have not only recovered substantial verdicts and settlements for our clients, but also helped to ensure that defective products were removed from the market and prevented from causing any further pain, suffering, and damage to consumers.

If you or a loved one have had an incident with a product that caused an injury, or if you are the survivor of someone who may have died from the use or exposure to a dangerous or defective product, it’s important that you know your rights under the law.