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Restaurant patron files lawsuit over fallen stuffed moose head

A restaurant patron has filed a personal injury lawsuit and premises liability lawsuit against an establishment where she claims that she was clobbered by a fallen stuffed moose head. The personal injury lawsuit alleges that while the personal injury victim was dining and drinking at a restaurant late one night, a giant moose head had become dislodged from the wall and struck her on the head.

According to court documents, the moose head weighed approximately 150 pounds, with antlers spanning over three feet. The stuffed head contributed to the restaurant’s Scandinavian theme and the blow resulted in personal injuries such as a concussion, chronic neck pain, fatigue, dizziness, embarrassment, and anxiety. The personal injury lawsuit seeks unspecified damages from the eatery for failing to ensure that the plaintiff and other patrons would not be struck by loosely affixed moose head.

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