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Product liability victim files shareholder proxy for drug company’s meeting

One man is trying to get to the heart of the problem of Floxin, a drug that caused him serious side effects. The product liability victim suffered permanent tendon and nerve damage from Floxin and has since acted as an advocate for a complete Levaquin withdrawal. To accomplish this, the product liability victim filed a shareholder proxy for Johnson & Johnson’s, the drug manufacturer’s, next annual meeting. He bought a share of Johnson & Johnson’s stock so that he would be able to attend its annual shareholder meeting and ask the shareholder to: (1) discontinue the sales incentive program for selling Levaquin and Floxin so that they can tell the truth about its toxicity and (2) add to the Levaquin label that side effects include permanent delayed reactions can lead to chronic pain and that medication should be stopped at the slightest sign of reaction.

The product liability victim bought additional Johnson & Johnson shares in order to file a Shareholder Proxy for the next Annual Meeting for shareholders. He stated that he wants them to vote on forcing the company to put a warning on the Levaquin label, stating that it may cause permanent tendon and nerve damage with permanent pain.

Since 1998, the man has suffered permanent damage from taking Floxin, Levaquin’s predecessor for a mere 10 days. He explained that his calves and ankles became increasingly swollen to the point where every step he took hurt. About a month later, both of the man’s Achilles tendons ruptured. Doctors did not know how to stop the inflammatory process and he became suicidal. He found solace through discussion groups that other Floxin and Levaquin users had expressed similar problems on. He explained that once a drug label is changed, it opens up the statute of limitations. If the drug manufacturers have to change the label, thousands of injured people may collaborate to join a class action product liability lawsuit and be eligible for compensation.

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