Premises Liability Issue: Illinois Recycling Plant Explosion Kills Two

When going to our place of employment, we have the right to expect and trust that our work environment is a safe place to conduct business. Whether in a manual labor job or a desk job, all workers deserve to work in safe place where they will be free from harm or injury. This means employers are to inspect premises for dangers and repair them, provide necessary equipment to keep employees safe, have standards of safety that those in the organization are to adhere to, and warn employees of any known dangers. When an employer fails to provide a safe work environment and injury results to an employee, that individual may be able to hold the employer liable for the worksite accident in a premises liability lawsuit.

In the southern Illinois town of Granite City, two people are dead and several have been injured in a recycling plant explosion where over 160 people work, according to news by CBS. At Totall Metal Recycling a mortar shell exploded causing injuries and death. Authorities are not allowing anyone near the scene of the explosion at this time for risk of another explosion if more mortar shells happen to be inside the plant. According to the website of the plant, they recycle all types of metals from computers to even motor vehicles. They also frequently deal with the ammunition industry.

As premises liability law dictates, a landowner must prevent injury to others by inspecting the premises for dangers, fixing any discovered and known dangers, and warning those on the premises of known dangers and hazards. Because the website stated that they frequently deal with the ammunition industry, this begs the question of whether the company should have had the knowledge to know that active explosives could enter the plant, detonate, and harm employees. If so, perhaps the company should have inspected for such dangers and remedied the danger upon inspection. While the explosion is still under investigation, it worth deliberating that if inspection for such a hazard had been conducted, that death and injury to employees would not have occurred.

Furthermore, Illinois employees have the right to work in a safe workplace environment. If an employee’s injury or death was caused by an unsafe workplace, victims or family members may be able to file a lawsuit to hold employers accountable for negligence and the dangerous workplace that caused injury or death.

Our personal injury attorneys have significant experience with representing workers who have been injured as a result of a dangerous work environment. For example, we were successful in recovering a $5.7 million settlement for a roofer who was paralyzed as the result of a fall where the general contractor failed to provide adequate safety equipment. To hold negligent employers accountable, workers and their family members should consult a legal professional. Through a lawsuit it may be possible to recover compensation for injuries, lost wages, medical bills, and suffering that resulted from a worksite accident. Our law firm offers free consultations, and would be happy to discuss your potential case with you.

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