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Possible Illinois Legislation Could Ultimately Harm Illinois Senior Citizens

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As a result, our Chicago personal injury attorneys are outraged that, earlier this month, the Illinois House of Representatives voted unanimously to approve a bill that would make it more difficult for the State to cite & fine nursing facilities after a resident is injured or killed.

According to the Illinois newspaper, the State Journal Register, one advocate said that this piece of legislation, entitled House Bill 5849, would roll back much of the state’s 2010 landmark nursing home reform law and put more residents at risk.

Though the bill has not yet been signed into law, it passed the House on a 114-0 vote, and is not being opposed by Gov. Pat Quinn or his aides at the Illinois Department of Public Health; the next step is for the bill to go to the Illinois Senate.

Supporters of the reform say that Illinois is unnecessarily tough on nursing homes compared with regulators in other states, reported the State Journal Register. Nevertheless, opponents assert that it the program would set up bureaucratic obstacles for the people responsible for assessing nursing facilities after injuries. Moreover, the increased number of technicalities and complications would make it easier for cited violations to be thrown out on appeal.

When people place loved ones in the care of a nursing home, we expect that their needs will be met and that they be cared for. Unfortunately, negligence and outright abuse in nursing homes are all too common. Although many state and federal regulations, such as the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, have been established to protect the elderly in these settings, gross violations occur every single day, tragically compromising the health, well-being and dignity of some of our society’s most vulnerable members. That is exactly why legislation to prevent and protect elders from abusive settings is so important.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers have obtained over $100 million in nursing home verdicts and settlements for neglected residents and their families, including a record-setting $3 million bed sore settlement. Said Chicago personal injury attorney Steve Levin, “our firm has represented hundreds of victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. The root of this epidemic lies in the fact that many nursing home owners put profits before the safety and wellbeing of the people they serve.”

If you or a loved one have been harmed as a result of nursing home negligence, contact an attorney to understand your rights under the law.