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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Alleges Swansea, IL Doctor Delayed Diagnosis

According to the Madison-St. Clair Record, Linda Cordes of St. Clair County claims her former physician failed to inform her of a mass on her kidney which she later discovered to be cancerous. Dr. Brad Ringhofer served as the primary care physician for Cordes from June 9, 2006, through August 31, 2009. During that time period Cordes underwent a CT scan of her abdomen and pelvis at Memorial Hospital. Ringhofer allegedly failed to inform Cordes of the results of the CT scan which revealed signs of a right rental cystic lesion. Additionally, Ringhofer allegedly failed to perform an ultrasound on Cordes for better evaluation.

On June 13, 2007, Cordes underwent another CT scan of her abdomen and pelvis and once again the scan recommended further evaluation but Ringhofer allegedly failed to take action. Cordes changed physicians and the new physician diagnosed her with renal cancer. On October 15, Cordes underwent a laparoscopic right radical nephrectomy and her kidney was removed.

Cordes alleges medical malpractice against Ringhofer stemming from his failure to inform her of test results and failure to order follow-up examinations. Cordes seeks a judgment of more than $75,000.

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Failure to treat a medical condition in a timely manner is a common medical malpractice claim. If a doctor or a healthcare provider delays either your diagnosis or your treatment, he or she is putting your health at serious risk. If you believe that your healthcare provider has committed a medical error by delaying your treatment, please consulting a Chicago medical malpractice attorney.