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Personal injury lawsuit filed after Illinois man falls off school’s roof

An personal injury lawyer has filed a lawsuit for a client against the Cahokia School District after he sustained severe injuries to his back, right pelvis, and left hip in a fall from the top of a school roof. Cahokia is a village located in St. Clair County, located close to St. Louis. The Cahokia school district operates 9 schools in the area. The Illinois personal injury plaintiff alleges that he was working on top of the roof at 800 Range Lane in Cahokia, operated by the Cahokia School District, about a year ago when he fell through the roof. His body hit machinery as he fell and eventually landed on the school’s floor.

The Illinois personal injury victim has experienced a great deal of physical pain in addition to his actual physical injuries. Further, he has had suffering and emotional distress. Additionally, according to the complaint the personal injury victim filed last month in St. Clair County Circuit Court, the personal injury plaintiff incurred medical costs, suffered disability, lost his normal life, and lost wages. The lawsuit further alleges that the Cahokia School District negligently allowed its roof to exist in an unsafe condition, failed to maintain its roof, and failed to provide the Illinois workplace injury victim with a safe place to work. The Illinois workplace injury lawsuit further alleges that the school district failed to reasonably inspect its property, failed to warn the worker of the condition, and failed to barricade the unsafe section of the roof. The Illinois workplace injury lawsuit seeks a judgment from the Illinois school district of more than $50,000, plus costs and other just relief from the court.

Individuals have a right to a safe and healthful workplace and if one has suffered a personal injury on the job, they are entitled to compensation under the law. One’s employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance coverage.

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