Pedestrian Files Lawsuit Against City of Chicago Following Fall at Crosswalk

One of the things Chicagoans joke about most is the two seasons in the city: winter and construction. Aside from our cold and brutal winters, it seems that the streets and sidewalks are always under repairs of some sorts. However, when people look at this joke more deeply, they realize that there is a safety and legal issue present. If sidewalks and streets are not in good condition, they can pose a hazard to the safety of pedestrians in the city.

One recent case exemplifies just that. According to the Cook County Record, a pedestrian has brought suit against the City of Chicago over a fall she suffered when walking in an intersection in the Near North Side neighborhood. According to the pedestrian’s complaint, she was walking through the crosswalk at the intersection of North Wabash Avenue and Huron Street last spring when she tripped and fell on uneven ground. She argues that the city negligently failed to repair the uneven section of the crosswalk because it was cracked and broken. By allowing it to remain in a dangerous condition and by not warning the pedestrians of its existence, she asserts this caused her fall.

The law at issue in this case is one our attorneys are very familiar with. Under premises liability law, an owner of property can be held liable where a plaintiff proves that the owner’s negligence led to the plaintiff’s injury. Under the law of premises liability, it is a landowner’s legal duty to maintain their premises in a safe condition, not create a dangerous condition that causes injury, and warn of known dangerous conditions on the land. In a lawsuit, plaintiffs will succeed if they can prove that property owners’ actions resulted in an unsafe condition, that they failed to maintain their property, or that they knew about an existing danger and failed to warn those on the land.

Our attorneys have represented clients in slip and fall cases for over 25 years and understand the wide array of legal circumstances that fall under negligence and personal injury law. If you have suffered significant injuries from a fall on private or public property, it is important to choose legal representatives with experience handling cases like yours. If the property owners or managers failed to maintain safe conditions and failed to warn visitors or patrons about any potential dangers, you may be able to take action to hold wrongdoers accountable for your injuries. Oftentimes injuries from slip and fall accidents can leave victims out of work and facing mounting medical bills and treatment. A slip and fall lawsuit empowers victims and helps them get back on their feet when they are injured through no fault of their own. If you are interested in learning what legal options may be available to you contact our law firm for a free consultation with an experienced Chicago lawyer.

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