Parents sue day-care for using thumbtacks on children

The parents of a three-year-old boy have filed a personal injury lawsuit on behalf of their son against Children’s World Learning Center in Dallas, Texas. The lawsuit alleges that, in addition to spankings in concealed areas such as closets, the teachers at the day care center would discipline the children with a punishment called “stick-stick.” The way that the teachers at the facility would use stick-stick is to punish children for misbehavior by sticking a thumbtack into their backs. Additionally, the teachers tried to control the children’s behavior by threatening to push the thumbtacks into their backs. A Department of Family Services investigation confirmed this practice, which lead to one teacher being fired. But the practice did not end with that teacher. The boy’s parents noticed that he was coming home with scratches and pin-sized marks on his shoulders and back. When the parents went to the day care facility, they asked their son to identify the person who stick-sticks, the boy pointed to his teacher. When the parents then took their son to the bulletin board, he pointed at a thumbtack and said, stick-stick.

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