Over 1 Million Cottage Cheese Products Affected in Kraft Recall

Strolling the aisles of the grocery store is a weekly activity for most, and we, as customers, don’t expect it to be dangerous. However, due to recent recalls in many food products, our lawyers felt it important to reminder consumers that food we buy can actually pose danger to us and cause us illness, instead of it being our source of nourishment at family meals. Although you may not know the dangers when you purchase these products, keeping your eyes and ears out for information on the latest recalls can help protect you and your loved ones from serious food borne illnesses.

According to the LA Times, Kraft Foods has recently recalled many of its cottage cheese products. The company stated that they are conducting this recall due to “out-of-standard storage temperatures.” The products included in this recall are Knudsen Cottage Cheese, Breakstone’s Cottage Cheese, Simply Kraft Cottage Cheese, and Daily Chef Cottage Cheese. Several ingredients used in these products were not stored properly or in accordance with company temperature standards. Due to improper temperatures, the products could prematurely spoil or contain food borne illnesses. All affected products will contain dates from May 9, 2014 through July 23, 2014. This will include 1.2 million cases of product nationwide.

The company has attempted to make this recall urgent and widespread due to the sensitive nature of these foods. Cottage cheese, as a dairy product, has to be kept refrigerated and cold. If not stored at the correct temperature, these and other dairy products can grow bacteria when they become too warm.

Under product liability law, when a company learns of a danger associated with their product, it is their legal duty to warn customers of this known danger and remove the product from the stream of commerce. Where a company fails to do so and allows dangerous or defective products to be used or consumed by customers who suffer injury as a result, the company has breached their legal duty of care to its customers. In these instances, injured parties can hold companies and manufacturers liable for the injuries they suffered from the dangerous goods in a product liability lawsuit.

Businesses are required by law to report known or potentially unsafe products under the Consumer Product Safety Act, Section 15 of the U.S.C. Under this law businesses must report products they manufacture, distribute, import, or sell that are potentially hazardous. Businesses must file a report with the Consumer Product Safety Commission within 24 hours of obtaining information that reasonably lets them know that product does not comply with safety laws. Furthermore, they must report products that contain a known defect or that could create a risk of injury or death to the public.

Our attorneys take pride in the work we have done to protect the rights of plaintiffs in food poisoning lawsuits. Due to our diligence and knowledge of product liability law, we have brought about positive changes for consumers while helping clients recover fair and just compensation for their injuries or losses. Our work has also motivated manufacturers to remove dangerous and defective products from the marketplace. It is our ambition to not only advocate for the injured and help them obtain the justice that they deserve but to help ensure that future accidents do not occur to more innocent consumers.

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