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Our Illinois Personal Injury Attorneys Wish You a Safe and Happy Halloween!

It’s that time again. Halloween is almost here, and your little ghosts, pirates, and princesses are getting excited. Although Halloween can be a lot of fun, our Chicago personal injury lawyers know that there are a number of dangers we should keep in mind in preparing for this holiday season. If we keep safety first, we can all have a fun and happy Halloween.

So how exactly do we keep kids safe this Halloween without putting a damper on the spirit of the festivities? Following these simple rules can help ensure that the holiday is an enjoyable and safe one.

Check Candy Carefully.
Fears about Halloween horrors often involve stories of candy that has been tampered with. It’s important to teach children to be aware of packaging that looks as if it has been opened. If they find treats in their bag with suspicious or opened wrappers, they should either show the candy to an adult or throw it away. In the best-case scenario, parents should examine candy right when the child gets home from trick-or-treating to make sure that the candy is safe to eat.

Prevent Car Accidents.
Everyday safety rules still apply on Halloween; however, alone they may not be enough to protect excited kids running around neighborhoods after dark. Looking both ways when crossing the street and holding hands when kids cross the road are ‘musts,’ but also ensuring that your child’s costume has bright colors or a reflective item can help drivers see children crossing.

Stay Within Reach of Your Kids.
If possible, accompany your child while he or she trick-or-treats. However, if you can’t be with your kids, make sure that they carry a cell phone in case of emergencies, or in case they get lost. It’s always best to be within reach of young kids when they’re out alone, and it may give you a sense of comfort knowing that you can get hold of them in case of emergency, and vice versa.

Make Kids Aware of Fire Hazards.
Although a lot of costumes are ‘fire retardant,’ or ‘flame resistant’ it’s still a good idea to teach children to stay away from candle-lit jack-O-lanterns and luminaires to prevent fire accidents. Even in fireproof costumes, little hands and ponytails can still get burnt, so it’s best to avoid the danger altogether.

Have a Meeting Spot in Case of Separation.
Before your kids go out trick-or-treating, plan a meeting spot in case they get separated from each other or from you. Also, pick a route that is well lit, and if possible, in a neighborhood with which your children are familiar.

Have Fun!
Halloween is a fun and exciting time of year. So long as your children understand the basic rules (Don’t talk to strangers, look out for cars, etc.) as well as some basic safety tips for Halloween, you can feel comfortable letting them go out and enjoy the holiday.

Our Illinois injury attorneys wish you a safe and happy Halloween!