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Chicago Personal Injury Attorney Michael Bonamarte Files Alton Nursing Home Malpractice Case

Our Chicago personal injury attorney. Michael F. Bonamarte is representing the mother of a disabled woman who was allegedly mistreated by staff at an Alton, Illinois long-term care facility. The claim was filed October 5 in Madison County Circuit court against Claims Administration Services LLC, Alton Real Estate Inc., Rosewood Care Center Holding Company Inc., and Midwest Administrative Services Inc., as well as a number of healthcare employees who were involved in treatment of the disabled woman.

The plaintiff, mother Barbara Morrissey McGrew, brought the suit as next friend of her daughter Therese Morrissey; the lawsuit accuses the staff at the care facility of causing serious injuries to her disabled daughter. The victim is physically disabled with short-term memory loss and cognitive deficiencies that keep her from being able to care for herself.

The Chicago personal injury lawsuit claims that, while a resident of Rosewood Care Center – an Alton long-term care facility – the claimant’s daughter was severely injured when a nurse allegedly improperly inserted the woman’s feeding tube. The improper insertion of the feeding tube caused the woman to develop a serious infection that was not immediately recognized or treated.

Ultimately as a result of the infection, the woman had to be moved to a hospital for treatment. The complaint accuses the seven defendants – the corporations and the individual healthcare professionals – of violating the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act for failing to provide proper care to their patient, and failing to adequately monitor the patient and diagnose any potential medical problems, each of which led to prolonged hospital stays and necessitated substantial additional medical treatment.

When a healthcare provider, such as a doctor or hospital, holds themselves out to the public to be a professional in a particular field, that professional owes a duty of care to patients they agree to treat. When someone is determined to be legally responsible for injuring someone else, they are liable for the injury, and may be made to pay the injured person to compensate for the injury. This Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit charges each of the defendants with failing to treat the patient with the appropriate level of care, failing to properly train staff and ensure that patients are receiving necessary care, as well as failing to inform the family of changes in the patient’s health after the infection developed. The plaintiff is hoping to be recompensed for medical expenses, emotional distress, pain and suffering.

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If you or a loved one has been the victim of a healthcare professional’s negligence, please contact an attorney immediately to better understand your rights under the law.