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Nursing Home Employees Must Be Rehired to Keep Their Jobs After Serious Allegations of Neglect and Abuse

The Chicago based nursing home company that just purchased a failing chain of nursing homes, as discussed in a previous blog, has taken major steps to ensure that the homes are safer for the residents. According to the Sheboygan Press, the new company is requiring that all employees that previously worked at the nursing homes reapply for their jobs, in hopes of insuring that all staff are appropriately qualified and able to do their job. The reason that the re-application of all employees is such a necessary and important step in this specific situation is because the nursing homes were in such bad shape and had numerous accusations of nursing home abuse and neglect against the homes. With this type of history, it is crucial to make sure that any former employees that are kept on are interviewed and the new management is able to determine that the employees are able to give the proper care to all of the patients that are residents of these nursing homes.

Nursing home abuse and neglect are very serious problems and unfortunately occur much more frequently that most people realize. According to a study conducted by the Special Investigations Division of the House Government Reform Committee, as many as 30 percent of the nursing homes in the United States have been cited for different types of elder abuse, including physical, sexual and verbal abuse. The most common problems reported were untreated bedsores, malnourished patients, dehydrated patients, inadequate medical care and inadequate hygiene of the patients.

Some of the nursing home issues arise from understaffing and the inability of the staff to take care of the needs of all of the patients. This type of nursing home neglect can be very damaging to patients, as they often are not taken care of, monitored, given the proper medications or otherwise getting the attention they both need and deserve. In addition to nursing home neglect, many nursing homes are accused of serious nursing home abuse. This is particularly disturbing because many elderly patients that are subject to this abuse have no way to defend themselves and often may be in the position where they are unable to tell anyone about what they are suffering or do not have anyone to talk to about these problems. One example of how horrible some of this abuse can get, is that authorities found that a Chicago nursing home had been keeping dozens of their patients in physical restraints.

Nursing home residents and the families of nursing home residents should be able to feel confident that the nursing home they choose will give every resident the necessary and appropriate care that they deserve. Nursing homes should never take more patients than they can care for given the amount of space and the staff that they have employed at any given time. If you or your loved one was a resident of a nursing home and suffered any type of abuse or suffered anytime of neglect while a resident, please contact our personal injury attorneys today to discuss what legal options may be available to you and to your family.

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