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New Illinois Child Injury Prevention Law Passes Illinois House

Some of the saddest cases that a Chicago personal injury lawyer advances are those involving the death of a young child. Last week we reported on the death of an area boy following an amusement park ride mishap. A few days ago another tragic case made headlines when two siblings were killed in a train ride around an area park.

Besides accidents involved mechanical rides, at times youngsters are injured in sports accidents. Equipment failures are a common cause of those injuries. Football helmets can be incorrectly manufactured or heavy soccer goals can be poorly anchored to the ground. In fact, the latter issue was the subject of a new Illinois law that seeks to improve the safety of local soccer players.

NBC News reported that on Friday the Illinois House unanimously approved a bill colloquially known as “Zack’s Law.” The measure was spurred in large part by the tragic death of a six-year old suburban boy. The child was killed when an unstable, heavy metal goal toppled onto him. If it becomes law, the legislation would require that all parks use “tip resistant” soccer goals. In addition, all formal soccer leagues-like those run by park districts and soccer clubs-would be required to have a set of safety policies in place to properly anchor these pieces of equipment.

There have been at least 10 deaths caused by these errant goal posts. Advocates for the measure explain that “this is a situation where, absent the legislation, these goals are going to continue to be bought and sold in the state of Illinois, and then they’re put out there, and they’re ticking time bombs.”

The staggering suffering that comes with the loss of a child can’t be adequately described. Our Chicago personal injury lawyers at Levin & Perconti have worked with many families who have filed an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit following an injury such as this. The law provides for redress when these events occur, but much more needs to be done to prevent them from ever arising in the first place.

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