National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Begins Investigation of Mazda CX-9 Brake Safety

Our attorneys consistently stress the importance of safe driving on the roads. However, safe driving begins with a vehicle that is fully operational. If a company fails to manufacture a vehicle that is safe for people to drive, no one can be free from injuries. No matter how safe and cautious of a driver you are, you cannot keep yourself or others safe on the roads if you are in a vehicle that is, not to your knowledge, dangerous and defective. For instance, no matter how much you watch your speed and following distance, how can you avoid a collision if your brakes fail you because of a manufacturer’s negligence?

Products liability law puts a legal obligation on manufacturers to put safe goods in the marketplace for consumers to purchase. When a consumer purchases something and it is not to their knowledge that it is dangerous and suffers injury, a manufacturer has breached their duty to consumers. It is the duty of manufacturers to fully inspect all items and goods, such as vehicles, that they manufacture, and not to place dangerous or defective products into the marketplace, thereby putting consumers at danger.

According to the Claims Journal, Mazda, a Japanese car manufacturer, is currently under investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The CX-9 model is currently being investigated for a safety issue concerning its brakes after the NHTSA received seven consumer complaints. Reduced brake effectiveness has been an issue for approximately 62,319 Mazda CX-9 vehicles for the years 2010 and 2011. Consumers reported that brake pedals have felt hard and have required more effort than before to stop their vehicle. Several other consumers have reported hearing a hissing noise when using their brakes. It is possible that loss of power assist to the brakes reduced their effectiveness.

Our attorneys represent injured plaintiffs in Chicago and throughout the state of Illinois in lawsuits stemming from unsafe products. We have experience handling lawsuits involving dangerous or defective medical devices, machinery, medications, food, toys, appliances, and vehicles. We are passionate about advocating for plaintiffs against corporations and manufacturers who have been negligent and failed to inspect products for defects or placed dangerous products in the market and have harmed consumers.

Federal and state agencies are responsible for regulating industries, but limited resources often make it difficult to address safety issues for consumers in a timely manner. When government oversight fails, individuals who have been injured by faulty products can seek justice through our legal system in order to receive compensation and gain the attention of corporations. Products liability lawsuits not only draw attention to dangerous products, they also encourage manufacturers to create safer products to avoid monetary loss as a result of litigation.

In the past, our lawyers successfully recovered a $3 million settlement against a car manufacturer where the vehicle’s defective fault fuel delivery system design caused a fuel-fed fire upon a collision. If you or a loved one have been injured by a defective product, you may have a legal cause of action. Call our firm today, and our attorneys may be able to help you obtain the justice that you deserve.

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