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Museum injury set for trial this week

An injury lawsuit is set for trial this week regarding a boy who fractured his skull after a 13-foot fall at a museum. The injury accident occurred in 2006 when the personal injury victim was in fifth grade. He fell from a museum’s outdoor jungle gym. The personal injury victim’s mother says that Multi-Resonance Imaging (MRIs) show that the injury victim suffered traumatic brain injury and has struggled since to keep up in school.

His mother stated that it is devastating as a mother to know that her son’s trip to an outdoor jungle gym changed her son’s whole life. The child was climbing a stacked metal structure when he fell onto a walkway. His mother recalls that she heard sirens and all of a sudden she saw everyone was looking down over a railing, which is when she panicked. Experts have determined that the injury victim will suffer a lifetime of economic loss in excess of $400,000. Through her injury lawsuit, the injury victim’s mother says that she wants to make the museum a safer place. The museum has filed a countersuit against the injury victim’s parents, claiming that they failed to adequately supervise their son.

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