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More human remains found at Burr Oak cemetery

Unfortunately, more sad news came for many Chicago families today. The Southtown Star reported that far more human remains were dumped in what was supposed to be an unused corner of Burr Oak Cemetery than were found previously during the Cook county criminal investigation two years ago. The Cook County Sheriff’s office announced the report on Monday the tragic news based on an archeological survey. “Crime Scene A” had been targeted as a place for new burials because it was believed to be the only part of the cemetery where bodies had not been buried. However, archeologists found layers of human remains and coffin pieces buried as deep as 8 feet below the surface. Some of the coffin pieces were charred. Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart announced that the archeological findings support his view that there should be no new burials in the two areas of Burr Oak identified as crime scenes in 2009. Sheriff Dart explained that he walked around the area and found bones everywhere.

The Chicago injury lawyers cannot believe that two years have passed since the Burr Oak Cemetery Tragedy was first uncovered. Yet, more heartbreak continues to fall upon those whose loved ones are buried at the Chicago-area cemetery. Cook County lawyers filed some of the first injury lawsuits against Burr Oak Cemetery in July 2009 on behalf of relatives of five deceased people buried at Burr Oak.

Visit the Southtown Star to read more about the Burr Oak Cemetery tragedy.

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