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More DePuy faulty hip lawsuits filed

Another DePuy hip lawsuit has been filed and more are likely to join it as DePuy patients experience failure of their faulty DePuy hip implant device. Most recently, the DePuy product liability lawsuit was filed on behalf of a man who received one of the DePuy Orthopaedics hip devices that was eventually subject to the product recall. The DePuy hip implant lawsuit requests that the defendants pay the cost of removing the faulty DePuy hip device and further requests that defendants cover all consequential damages caused by the DePuy hip implant.

The DePuy hip implant plaintiff alleges that the defendants knew or should have known about the defective hip implants. The patient received the hip implant in April 2009, roughly sixteen months before the DePuy ASR hip implants were recalled due to a high failure rate. What prompted the recall is the short life of the hip implants – although most hip implant devices are expected to last 15-20 years, around 12 percent of patients receiving the DePuy ASR hip implant experienced failure in less than five years. Failure like these often require revision surgery and each revision surgery is more complex than the last and carries a higher risk of complications. Further complicating these revision surgeries is that debris can come loose from the DePuy hip device and can be absorbed by surrounding tissue. The condition, called metallosis, can cause the surrounding tissue to die and can lead to the failure of the hip implant. Product liability lawsuits filed so far have involved these complications from the hip implants.

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