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Men Personally Injured After Chicago Scaffold Falls in Chicago

Two workers are in critical condition with personal injuries after scaffolding collapsed on the side of a Chicago River North building seven stories above the ground, which lead to a dramatic mid-day rescue. 50 firefighters worked to save the two men, one of whom was pinned against the building while the second managed to climb to the top of the building. The scaffolding fell in the late morning, trapping the man. Rescue workers found one of the men hanging on the side of the roof of the building at 320 W. Ohio St. The man’s arm appeared to be trapped underneath a piece of scaffolding and his feet were resting on a piece of the building under renovation. It took firefighters more than a hour to free the pinned man, and the men needed intravenous fluids and oxygen while rescue personal worked. The man who had been trapped was bloodied and his head bandaged. Both workers suffered significant blood loss and major head trauma. Part of the collapsed scaffolding remained hanging from the side of the office building. To read the full story, click here.