Medical Device Intended To Prevent Death May in Fact Cause it

What was supposed to be the solution is, instead, a very serious problem unto itself.

A medical device intended to block the flow rare malformed blood vessels has been shown to get stuck in the brain, and has been linked to numerous patient deaths, said a recent article by MSNBC.

The apparatus, manufactured by Covidien – a major medical equipment and supply corporation headquartered in the United States – uses a spongy material to block off blood flow to abnormal tangles of blood vessels before they are removed by surgery. The squishy substance is inserted into the brain through a catheter inserted into the patient’s groin artery. Although the design is intended to safeguard patients from the very serious effects of blood clots in the brain such as aneurysm and stroke, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released a statement saying that the catheter itself can get stuck in the spongy material while inside the brain, causing serious complications including hemorrhage and death.

Additionally, since the device was approved for use in 2005, the FDA reports that it has received more than 100 reports of the catheter breaking after it became stuck, including at least 54 cases in which the catheter could not be removed, leaving it implanted in the patient, said MSNBC. The solution has the potential to be more hazardous than the problem it was intended to prevent.

Illinois product liability law is an area of personal injury law that focuses on dangerous and defective products; it is the area of law in which manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and others who manufacture and disseminate goods to the public are held responsible for the injuries caused by those products. “Products” in this instance covers a wide range of categories, including medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

As it pertains to this case, Illinois products liability law dictates that when corporations manufacture a product, especially in cases of pharmaceutical production, those companies have a responsibility to ensure that product’s safety. This is especially true for companies that produce pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and whose products must undergo extensive testing before they are distributed to consumers. When a company makes a product that is flawed and that product harms the person using the product, the company may be held legally responsible for the customer’s injuries.

Furthermore, in situations where the catheter has broken off and gotten stuck in a patient’s brain causing death to the patient, the manufacturer of the device may be liable for damages from the product’s hazardous effects. In Illinois wrongful death cases a victim’s family members and loved ones may sometimes recover for the loss of companionship and the loss of future wages caused by the early death.

Our Chicago personal injury lawyers represent victims across Illinois in matters against companies that have sold or manufactured unsafe products to consumers. In fact, our attorneys brought a case against Orion Research Inc. and Baxter Health Care Corporation for a flawed test for the genetic disease cystic fibrosis. The failures of the test led a set of parents to have a second cystic child. While recovering a substantial settlement for the family, the firm and the family were more concerned with the discontinuation of the test. As a result of our efforts, the test was eliminated.

If you or a loved on have suffered injury as a result of the negative side effects of a medical device, talk to your doctor immediately, and contact an attorney to learn whether you are entitled to compensation under the law.

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