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Madigan Proposes A 10 Year Experience Requirement for Illinois Judges

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is concerned judicial qualifications. He is proposing House Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 57, which would add an experience requirement for a person to meet in order to become a judge. Specifically, a judicial candidate would have to have been a licensed attorney for at least 10 years before becoming a circuit judge, 12 years before becoming an appellate justice and 15 years before joining the state’s Supreme Court. According to an article in the State Journal Register, Madigan stated that “it’s basic, sound policy that before people become a judge and have rulings that affect other people, they should be licensed attorneys for 10 years.” The Amendment would give Illinois the toughest judicial experience requirement in the nation. The judicial community as well as the Illinois State Bar Association are backing Madigan’s proposal. The attorneys at Levin and Perconti agree that it is critical to have highly qualified and experienced judges as this will aid their clients in achieving the best verdicts possible in Illinois courts.