Lyric Opera of Chicago Sued For a Fall on Premises

As our readers know from our past discussions on our personal injury blogs, owners and operators of commercial buildings can be held liable for injuries suffered by patrons on the premises. Where a landowner fails to warn patrons of dangers, fix dangers, or causes injuries to patrons, victims can file a premises liability lawsuit. It is the duty of the owners and operators of the premises to prevent injury, warn of any dangers, and remedy all known hazards for all patrons of the establishment.

A partially blind woman is suing the Lyric Opera House of Chicago after she fell on the premises, according to an article by the Cook County Record. The woman has filed suit in Cook County Circuit Court against Lyric Opera of Chicago and Travelers Insurance (the opera house’s liability insurance carrier) in a premises liability claim. The victim is blind in one eye. According to her complaint, she was attempting to take her seat in the opera house, fell, and was injured. She argues in her complaint that the defendants failed to provide adequate lighting for patrons taking their seats. She is seeking over $50,000 in damages.

Under premises liability law, when an accident or injury occurs on another’s property, the owner may be legally liable if it was their negligence that led to the injury. A plaintiff must prove that property owners failed to maintain the property or created unsafe conditions which caused injury. This is what the victim at issue is attempting to prove by arguing that lack of adequate lighting by the seats led to her fall and injury. Here, the victim will need to prove that but for the lack of light, she would not have fallen and suffered injuries and that her injuries were preventable by the opera house had they provided the needed light. If successful, she may be able to recover costs for her injuries, medical bills, etc.

In the past, our attorneys have helped victims of premises liability injuries recover fair and just verdicts and settlements for their suffering and losses. For instance, in W.M. v. S.E. et al, a handy man was seriously injured while working for the defendant. In the case, the defendant was aware of the unsafe conditions on the property but failed to fix the dangers or warn or prevent the plaintiff from going to the dangerous area. Our attorneys successfully defended the rights of this man and obtained a $1.2 million settlement. If you or someone you love has also been hurt on another’s premises, you could recover compensation for your injuries suffered through a lawsuit. Call our firm today, and one of our attorneys would be happy to discuss your potential case with you.

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