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L&P Obtains Personal Injury Settlement for Injured Chicagoland Man

Levin & Perconti is proud to report that our firm recently obtained a noteworthy settlement for a Chicago area man who sustained a life altering head injury while at work. Our attorney on the case, Jeffrey Martin, a partner with 30 years of experience, obtained a $750,000 settlement for his injured client.

The case began in October 2008 when our client was working as a receiving manager at a store in Bartlett, IL. Our client was unloading a new shipment from a semi-truck at the store’s loading dock. His co-worker drove a forklift into the back of the truck in order to lift our client up so he could reach items that shifted during transport. Our client wanted to show the truck driver how poorly the items had been loaded so his co-worker hit the side of the truck to get the driver’s attention. Instead of exiting his cab, the driver pulled the truck away from the loading dock, causing the forklift to fall off the dock and catapult our client. Our client hit his head and also sustained injuries to his back, hands and shoulder.

He suffered a closed head injury that caused him to suffer seizures and endure long-term cognitive issues that included depression and forgetfulness. Then in May 2010, our client’s brain began to bleed resulting in brain surgery a year later for removal for a vascular legion, which is essentially a group of snarled blood vessels that can burst.
The lawsuit filed on behalf of our client alleged that the Defendant truck driver negligently moved his truck away from the loading dock without first notifying or signaling anyone. Additionally, he failed to make sure that it was safe to move the truck before he did so. The Defendant trucking company admitted that its driver acted improperly by moving the truck away from the dock before all of its cargo was unloaded.

Due to his severe and life altering brain injuries, as well as some stellar advocacy by Mr. Martin, our client was awarded a settlement of $750,000 last month. This settlement is an excellent example of how our firm tirelessly works for injured clients. Our personal injury attorneys have a long history of providing excellent advocacy and support to our clients and their families. This recent settlement is just one example of many other successful outcomes that our firm has obtained. We handle all types of personal injury claims for clients throughout Illinois. If you or a loved one has been injured by the careless or negligent acts of another, contact our offices for a free legal consultation.