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Limo Safety Concern in Chicago After Recent Tragedy

In light of the terrible incident that occurred in Northern California in which five women were killed and four others were injured in a limo fire recently, Chicago limo drivers and companies have been prompted to take extra safety precautions to help ensure that their passengers are always safe while riding in their limos.

According to ABC Chicago, what happened in the recent limo fire was that a fire started in the back of the limo where the passengers were riding, and given the design and structure of the limo, the passengers became trapped and unable to open the doors to escape the fire in the back of the limo. If stretch limos are not properly built, there is the worry of people becoming trapped in the limo in the same way that the recent victims became trapped. However, there are safe ways in which limos can be stretched, which should not encounter this type of safety problem.

The city of Chicago is strict about the standards that limos are held to and have many safety rules and regulations in effect to help keep limo passengers safe. The city of Chicago goes beyond what is required by the state with respect to licensing limos in the city. Stretch limos must be stretched using quality vehicle modification standards in the city, and stretch limos must be manufactured by one of three companies: Ford, Lincoln or Cadillac. Luckily, the Chicago standards make limos in the city of Chicago safer as long as they are properly licensed. Other parts of Illinois do not necessarily follow the same requirements or have the safe strict safety restrictions, so please always look into the limo company and the safety requirements of their limos before you book one with the company.

While officials are still conducting investigations as to exactly what led to the limo fire that killed the women and injured the other woman, it is believed that the fire may have started in the truck and that the women were unable to open the doors in order to escape from the horrible fire. Also, there were nine people in the back of the stretch limo, which is more that the city of Chicago allows in the back of a city limo at one time (Eight is the maximum allowed in a stretch limo in Chicago). It is crucial to make sure that all limos on the road are up to the highest safety standards to help make sure that all passengers in limos are always safe.

If you or your loved one was inured in a limo accident please contact our personal injury attorneys to discuss what legal actions and legal options may be available to you. Passengers that are paying to ride in a limo should be able to trust that the limo drivers and limo companies have done everything possible to keep passengers safe and that the limos are up to the latest safety standards. If limo drivers and companies do not maintain the highest safety standards and their passengers suffer from an injury related to this negligence, those responsible should be held accountable for their inaction.