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Levin & Perconti Settles Evergreen Park Bed Sore Lawsuit for $575,000

Recently, our Chicago nursing home attorneys settled a lawsuit with Evergreen Healthcare Center in Evergreen Park for $575,000. Attorneys Steven M. Levin, Margaret P. Battersby Black and Carl F. Silverman worked on behalf of the granddaughter of the victim who sustained injuries while living at the nursing home. The victim developed several bed sores that worsened d and eventually contributed to her death. The lawsuit we filed on behalf of the victim alleged that Evergreen Healthcare staff failed to properly prevent, monitor and treat the victim’s bed sores, and these injuries contributed to her tragic death. Her family now has closure and can begin to heal after this horrific ordeal.

In February 2007, the then 77-year-old victim suffered a stroke and was admitted to a Chicago hospital. She was later transferred to the Evergreen Park nursing home for rehabilitation where the staff noted that she was at high risk for bed sores due to her immobility. The victim’s family noted that when they would visit, they could smell that she had not been changed, was never turned over, and on one occasion they even noticed that her feeding tube was loose. In fact, the only persons who ever noticed her bed sores were her family members, not the staff whose job it is to provide care for her. In fact, the victim developed bed sores on her heels and sacrum. Our senior partner and co-founder, Steven Levin noted that, “[o]n each occasion, it was her family, not the nursing staff, who discovered the new sores. Her sores worsened and her overall condition deteriorated. She was hospitalized two months later and diagnosed with sepsis, dehydration and pneumonia.” Tragically, the victim died in May 2007 from these injures.

The facility’s staff was obligated to prevent the victim from developing pressure ulcers and was required to frequently reposition her and closely monitor her skin condition. However, our investigation revealed inconsistencies in her charts and a failure to properly assess the progress of her bed sores. Our office filed a complaint in December 2008 in the Circuit Court of Cook County and the case was settled last month.

This latest settlement provides anexcellent example of justice in action that our firm provides to our clients and their loved ones. This is precisely why our firm is one of the nation’s most recognized and respected leaders in the nursing home negligence litigation. We know that when you place a loved one in the care of a nursing home, you expect that their needs will be met and that they will be cared for. Sadly, we have seen all too often that negligence and abuse in nursing homes is all too common. If you or a loved one has experienced abuse or negligent care while at a nursing home please contact our experienced attorneys for a free consultation.