Levin & Perconti Represents Family of Young Woman Who Died as a Result of a Missed Diagnosis

The husband of an Illinois woman who died after receiving an incorrect diagnosis from Passavant Area Hospital has filed a wrongful death lawsuit in connection with her death. Our personal injury law firm, Levin & Perconti, represents the husband of the victim of wrongful death in his action against the hospital. The wrongful death lawsuit alleges that because of the hospital staff’s failure to diagnose the victim properly she was unable to timely get the treatment she needed which resulted in her death at the young age of 39 years old.

The victim went to the emergency room in November of 2011 complaining of chest pains and light-headedness. The emergency room doctor at Passavant Hospital told the victim and her husband that she was sufferinig from a minor heart condition and sent her home immediately. The symptoms did not get better by the next day and the victim went to a different emergency room the following day with the same complaints. The next hospital realized immediately that the heart problem was much more severe than what the Passavant emergency room doctor said, but unfortunately it was too late and the woman died while in transport and before the necessary surgery could be performed. Her rather immediate death was caused by a buildup of fluid in her heart, which likely had caused the symptoms she had been suffering.

The heart condition that the victim suffered from was an aortic dissection, which is a condition that when diagnosed and treated in a timely manner is typically very manageable and the person suffering from the condition is usually always okay following surgery. In addition to the fact that given the same symptoms, the second emergency room was able to determine that the condition was much more serious, the first emergency room was not only negligent in misdiagnosing the problem, but by sending the victim home without further observation, there was no time left to help her once the problem was discovered.

The problem of misdiagnosis by doctors is becoming a very prevalent problem and a recent study found that as high as twenty-nine percent of medical malpractice claims that result in a money judgment are the result of a misdiagnosis by a medical professional. This is especially disturbing because in many cases, like the one mentioned above, a patient dies as a result of a misdiagnosis when they may have returned to complete health had the proper diagnosis been made when the patient initially went to see a doctor.

Patients should be able to trust what the doctor tells them and if they go to a doctor with their symptoms and our sent home, they should be able to trust that it is the best decision and not have to worry that the doctor missed what was really the problem. Doctors need to take the appropriate time with patients and ask for a second opinion in cases where they are unsure of what is wrong. If you or a loved one suffered additional injury as a result of a missed or delayed diagnosis, please contact our attorneys today to discuss what legal remedies may be available to you.

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