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Levin & Perconti Files Lawsuit Against Negligent Oak Park Nursing Facility

The tireless efforts of our Chicago nursing home negligence attorneys have earned them well-deserved respect and recognition as leaders in the area of nursing home negligence litigation. Both in and out of the courtroom, our Chicago personal injury lawyers have obtained over $100 million in nursing home verdicts and settlements for neglected residents and their families, and our attorneys have represented a number of individuals and families in cases involving resident-on-resident abuse.

Last week, Levin & Perconti filed an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit against Oak Park Healthcare Center, on behalf of the family of former resident, Anibal Calderon. In February of 2012, Anibal, an 80 year-old resident, was beaten to death by a younger resident at the facility in Oak Park, Illnois. The younger resident had a violent criminal record and felony background. As a result of the attack, Anibal suffered a serious brain injury and died two days later.

When nursing homes undertake to provide services to individuals, part of the responsibility that the facility takes on is the duty to supervise and protect every resident in its facility. Sometimes patients can be a danger to others, but when we entrust the care of our loved ones to healthcare professionals who hold themselves out to be experts in the field of nursing care, the facility accepts the responsibility to ensure the safety of its residents.

The lawsuit asserts that the facility violated federal and state nursing home regulations by failing to protect Anibal from abuse and neglect. The complaint further alleges that the facility failed to provide Anibal with appropriate supervision and failed to employ sufficient staff to properly supervise and monitor residents, and that the facility failed to promptly report suspected incidents of abuse and ignored complaints regarding residents and staff at the facility.

Many state and federal regulations, such as the Illinois Nursing Home Care Act, have been established to protect the elderly in nursing care facilities, such as the Oak Park Healthcare Center. “Anibal’s case highlights the need for appropriate staffing in Illinois nursing homes,” said Chicago personal injury attorney, Steven Levin. “When nursing homes operate with minimal staff, they cannot provide the level of care needed to protect residents, especially those suffering from dementia or serious mental illness.”

In the tragic situation that led to Anibal’s death, Anibal and his assailant were left unsupervised by nursing home staff. “The nursing home had a duty to supervise and protect each and every resident in its facility,” said attorney John Perconti. When these sorts of breaches of care occur, an Illinois nursing home negligence lawsuit is often needed to ensure that compensation and accountability are provided. It’s likely that Anibal’s death could have been prevented had the facility’s employees properly monitored their residents.

Levin & Perconti is one of the nation’s most recognized and respected leaders in the area of nursing home negligence litigation. Our attorneys are committed to protecting and vindicating the rights of people who are injured by the negligence of others. If you or a loved one have been harmed as a result of nursing home negligence, contact an attorney to understand your rights under the law.