Letter to the Editor: Standing up for rights is not frivolous

In a timely letter to the editor at the Chicago Sun Times, the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association President Peter J. Flowers responded to the unreliability and disconnect embraced by anti-consumer groups. Mr. Flowers responded to the December 4 piece by a “tort reform” supporter, Travis Akin, who used a slanted study to conclude that all injury lawsuits filed against Cook County are “frivolous.” The “tort reform” piece mislead readers by using the figure for all legal costs incurred by the county to lead readers to believe that was the amount paid by Cook County in injury lawsuit settlements.

Anyone who has followed the so-called “tort reform” advocates know that they resort to misleading measures to persuade people to support their cause and try to incite fear. In his letter to the editor, Mr. Flowers stated that such tactics and sweeping generalizations are normal for Akin and his big business donors. They fundamentally oppose individuals’ rights to seek justice through the courts. Mr. Flowers explained that Akin and the business interests he represents see any attempt to ensure the average person has rights as horribly unfair. They have worked for years to protect their interests over the health and safety of the citizens of Illinois.

Mr. Flowers hit the point when he said that the truth is that the court system provides the citizens of Illinois with a method of seeking redress for those who have injured them. As attorneys at Levin & Perconti have seen, innocent and hard-working people of Illinois are injured. They deserve the protection of the court system.

Click here to read Peter J. Flowers’s letter to the editor.

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